Tame The Wild Soul has been birthed as a recognized need within myself for sacred space. That the space can be created both within, and around us, anywhere, is what has driven me to share this wild soul with all. 

Sacred space can be anything, a small nook on a bookshelf, the bathtub, the spare room, the garden, a long forgotten corner of a magickal woodland only you know..... the possibilities are endless for the physical manifestation, but remember. we ALL hold sacred space within us. 

What i hope to share over the coming weeks and months, are little offerings that can help achieve this Space and allow a moment of sacredness to enter your psyche. Scent plays an important part in my offerings. It is a powerful stimulant to long forgotten paths and memories and has the power to heal given time and patience.

Scent has played an intrinsic part in my life from the memories of the Old Apothecary Roses growing in my Grandmothers garden, to battling through physical rehabilitation for over 5 years, soothing the anxiety of motherhood to learning how to just be, and create space with what i have with just the drop of an oil or the brush of a flower.

As a Holistic Therapist, I am a fully qualified Aromatherapist (ITEC), Crystal & Sound Healing facilitator and Angelic Reiki Practitioner, among others..... I bring a unique perspective through my decades of experiences. I have been gifted with a diverse group of friends and allies all with pertinent life experiences to draw on. Our Tribes are sacred, hold them close.