Hand Thrown Pottery Candle Pots in Wild Calm


These absolutely gorgeous handthrown pots are made exclusively for Tame The Wild Soul in the Yorkshire Dales. They are filled with Eco Soy wax and scented with our house blend, Wild Calm.
This magical scent is what started my little company, its ability to calm, relax, clear and comfort is second to none. Only 100% essential oils are used.

The straight sided pots are half glazed displaying the amazing botanical glazed used by the talented Rachelinthedalespottery.com harvested around her home in the Dales.
The curved ‘plant pot’ shape is fully glazed in same glaze but only 2 available. These will not be repeated.

I trim the wood wick short so you need only light it upon receiving. On future burns, pinch off the burnt top to ensure a good flame and clean burn.

On first burn, make sure the wax melt all across the top this ensures subsequent burns will also melt across whole candle, wax has a memory!

Do not burn for more than 4 hrs at a time.

Keep wick trimmed before each light.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Following these basic rules will ensure the cleanest burn and increase the life of your candle!

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